As a Shannon client, you will benefit from loyalty to those we represent, confidentiality in every aspect of our dealings and the assurance that we always will be attentive to the needs of those who place their trust in us. You will also benefit from our knowledgeable and expert services in all aspects of personnel selection and recruitment.

Shannon is committed to satisfying the expectation of our clients. We undertake a Client onbaoarding process when we partner with a new client, we have highlighed this process below to give you a clear understanding of how we work

Recruitment project process map

  • Attend an initial meeting with relevant personnel for a campaign briefing to assess the requirements in order to offer a bespoke advisory service. Timelines are tailored to the estimated start date of the positions and deadlines are set on each deliverable.   
  • We gather the initial shortlist of suitable and interested candidates, executive searches will be carried out discreetly. We regularly work with mandates that require the highest levels of confidentiality and in order to protect this confidentiality we put non-disclosure agreements in place if deemed necessary by our client 
  • We conduct screening and subsequently approach relevant candidates to determine suitability and interest in accordance with specific requirements. 
  • We manage candidate contacts and correspondence  
  • We internally Interview each candidate and assess their abilities and personality profile, using a mixture of competency, situational interviewing techniques  
  • Where requested will conduct additional assessment requirements (e.g. talent profiling, psychometrics, ability testing) as required by client to supplement your selection process. 
  • Shortlist the list of suitable candidates that meet the requirements set out at the initial meeting to present for review and consideration. 
  • Regular updates (phone and/or face to face meetings) on the progress of the search. 
  • Arrange and/or attend interviews 
  • Organise feedback to both successful and unsuccessful candidates after the interviews as appropriate to ensure a positive candidate experience.  
  • Organise campaign debrief with client 
  • We conduct reference checking, academic checking and any other verification checking as required. 
  • Present candidate with the offer and once accepted arrange a start date. 
  • After placement we keep in touch with both the candidate & client to ensure both are integrating into the role. Our aim if for issues can be identified and overcome before they become serious problems. This increases the probability of your new employee settling in and making an impact in your business from the beginning.  
  • We can organise branded/non branded advertising if required

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